Welcome to the Provincials!

Its a great year for sports with both Olympics in our province.  Many school districts have altered the start of their Spring Breaks from as early as mid-February to as late as the end of March.  We were able to elect a weekend that allowed us to maximize competition, officiating and fans.  We hope your season is going well, work hard and have fun.  We are pleased to be at Pinetree’s 3 gym location for this year’s Championships. We are once again able to continue our tradition of being able to walk between the gyms to games, not drive, making it easier for players, coaches, parents and fans.

We continue to promote basketball at the Grade 9 level as a growth area and key area for strengthening our great sport.  We are into the 3rd year of our 3 year commitment to build Provincial 3 on 3 and 1 on 1 Championships.  If you are a Grade 9 player that has played at the Grade 9 level all year and your team will not make the Provincials then you are eligible to enter.  Details to follow.

New for this year, a new look for our website, we have so much historical information and pics to add.  And final Game Scores and Player of the Game awards as they happen.

Check back here frequently for news and information and you’ll see on our Home page what day new information has been added.

We hope to be completing the History and Records section of our website and we always welcome any of your comments to improve.

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HOST INFO – Parking, Admission etc

Admission / Gate:       Adults – $10 per day Students 13+ and Seniors – $5 per day Children Under 12 – Free #No Credit Cards or

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