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Thursday February 29 and March 1, 2, & 3, 2024
& Saturday March 2 Annual 3×3 Playoffs Hosted by Heritage Woods.
with Wildcard Tourney Feb 23 & 24 Hosted by Abbotsford Senior.

Latest Update – Saturday Feb24


The 2024 3rd Annual
Grade 9 Boys Basketball Invitational Tournament
3×3 Championship
Info & Rules

Our goal is to offer an opportunity (at no-cost) for the top 50 to 100 Grade 9 basketball players,
whose teams did not qualify for the Grade 9 Championships,
to compete for a Championship in a highly competitive environment in front of a gym full of fans.

 The 2024 3rd Annual Grade 9 Boys Invitational Basketball Tournament 3×3 Championships was started for those that enjoy the game and want to keep playing even though their school team’s season is over.  3×3 Teams meet for round robin elimination play on Saturday March 2 at Heritage Woods in Port Moody.  Many games are played and after several rounds, teams begin to be eliminated, so that by the end of the day, the Top Four teams are determined.  Those Top Four teams are seeded Saturday evening and advance to the Championship Final Four at Centennial Sunday March 3 for a 1:30 checkin.  That afternoon, the 3×3 Final Four will compete on the main stage, immediately prior to the Grade 9 Game# 51, the third and 4th place game.
      • Basketball Bursaries for the Final Four have increased to $2,000 this year.

      • $1,000 for 1st, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd and $200 for 4th.

      • In 2022, we had about 40 players, in 2023 it grew to about 90 players and this year _______??

    We thank the Vancouver Bandits and their President, Dylan Kular, for their huge support again this year, the 3rd year in a row.

    Saturday March 2 Elimination Round at Heritage Woods

    8:00 am Gym opens and checkin begins.
    Games all day with eliminations occurring during the day until 4 teams are left.
         NOTE: The day may be long subject to the number of entrants.
    The Final Four teams are then seeded for the next day Championship.

    Sunday March 3 Championship Round at Centennial
    1:30 Checkin for the Final Four teams.
    2:45 On the main court at the same time #1 Seed vs #4 Seed and #1 Seed vs #4 Seed.
    3:00 On the main court at the same time Winner#1 vs Winner#2 and Loser#1 vs Loser#2.
    3×3 Awards immediately after the end of the 3:00 game.

    2024 Centennial Schedule

    3×3 Details

    1. No entry fee for teams, parents or fans.

    2. Last year’s $1,000 Basketball Bursaries has been doubled to $2,000 this year ($1,000 for 1st, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd and $200 for 4th).  The Final Four teams also receive Tournament trophies, Championship T-shirts and Vancouver Bandits Tickets and swag.

    3. ELIGIBILITY for the 2024 Annual Grade 9 Boys Basketball 3×3 Tournament.

        • Any Grade 9 player who is registered and played BC high school basketball this season is eligible.

        • Any Grade 8 player who is registered and played on a Grade 8 or Grade 9/Juvenile BC high school basketball team this season is eligible.
              • NOTE: Each 3 player team can have a maximum of 1 Grade 8 player per team.
                Each 4 player team can have a maximum of 2 Grade 8 players per team.

            • 4 player teams are encouraged, Saturday is a long day of very competitive basketball.

            • Your school team can no longer be active, meaning that they have finished their season.
                  • An example of an active (and not eligible) team is a team that is competing at the Annual Grade 9 Boys Tournament or any of the Senior boys tiers.

                • Each school can enter a maximum of 2 teams
                  Note: (2024 Wildcard Tourney participants are exempt and may enter extra teams).

                • Teams must be composed of players from the same school.

                • NEW – Please submit your BCSS registration (from your Coach or Athletic Director) showing the school team that you were registered on for the 2023-24 season.

              4. See posted Rules. This is a possession fast break timed and refereed game in the half court, 10 minutes or 17 points, whichever happens first.

              5. Follow News and Updates all week for any new information.
              Also check in on the 2024 Tournament page – 3×3 Tournament.


              Full court rules but with the modifications of possession after score and foul shots.

              1. Fast Break – you score, then as fast as you can get the ball back into play from the baseline over the 3 pt line, then turn and attack again.  No waiting for the defense.  Go hard and fast break before the defense can set up.

              2. This is a possession game, you score – you keep.
              It is possible that 1 team may never get a chance to go on offense.

              3. Winner is first to 17 points or highest score after 10 minutes.

              4. The game starts with a jump ball at the foul line, the team getting possession can score immediately.  After that, all action starts at the baseline after a basket is scored and the ball is advanced anywhere over the 3 pt line before attacking.  Do not wait for the defense to set up.
              example: a score, ball is taken and inbounded from the baseline to over the 3 pt line, the inbound steps over the baseline onto the court and receive a return pass and can shoot.

              5. Fouls

                  • Non-shooting – Possession and inbounds under the hoop.

                  • On the 6th foul, bonus shot and ball in play.

                  • Fouled while shooting 2 pt shot, 1 pt and 1 foul shot and ball in play.

                  • Fouled while shooting 3 pt shot, 2 pt and 1 foul shot and ball in play.

                6. Any unsportsmanlike or technical fouls results in 2 shots and possession.
                Excessive number of unsportsmanlike or technical fouls will result in game ejection.

                7. Full Uniforms must be worn by all particpants and any helpers on the floor.


                Follow this link   3×3 Entry Form



                Tournament Directors
                Michael Pettifer – – Caley Donaldson – – Rob Slavik – – Steve Pettifer – – Alan Kaselj – – Andrew Ruditsc