2024 Bus Transport Request Form

We have secured a corporate donation for the transport of teams that have genuine financial difficulties. The intent of this donation is to provide a way for a team that otherwise without this transport would not be able to participate in the Tournament this year. Space is currently limited to 3 teams.

Please respect the spirit and intent of this kind gesture.

The Athletic Director and Team Staff Sponsor must be made aware of this transport request and permission must be granted by your school.

Under no circumstances will the buses leave prior to the end of the Awards Presentations after the Championship Final.

By initiating this Request, I acknowledge that without this transport, our team would be unable to participate in the the 27th Annual Grade 9 Boys Basketball Invitational Tournament.

On Initial Request, complete the required sections of this form, School, AD and Head Coach Info.
If your Request is approved then submit by email, the names, email addresses and contact phone numbers of all players from your school and any adults or additional people that will be on the bus.