Hosted by Earl Marriot & Elgin Park
Thursday March 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2023
& Saturday March 4 Provincial 3 on 3 Playoffs Hosted by Semiahmoo.
with Wildcard Tourney Feb 24 & 25 Hosted by Abbotsford Senior.

Latest Update – Sunday Feb 26

Coaches Conference Call Sunday February 26 – 3:00 pm

Seeding Guidelines


Conference Call Goal

To fairly and transparently seed our 20 teams.



Conducting the Conference call.

1.              See Rules and Info point #19 Conference Call.

2.              A Zoom Link will be emailed to you by 2:00 pm Sunday Feb 26.

3.              Please ensure that you are set up for Zoom and ready to go.
This call is not a training session.  It can be unduly long if we are distracted.
We encourage headphones.

4.              Rob Slavik & Michael Pettifer will be the moderators.

5.              We will be having 20 Head Coaches plus assistants online, only the Head Coach is allowed to speak.

6.              You may connect 1 Assistant Coach, but they have “observer” status only, they are not allowed to participate.

7.              Making your call from a private area where there is no background noise is best, and please use MUTE unless you are speaking.  (Also, clothes are important – we have all heard Zoom stories).

8.              Your team record (as are all required documents) will be critical for this meeting.

9.              Conference call rules etiquette is pretty basic.

a.     One person speaking at a time.
b.  Identify yourself by only school name first, and then speak after the Moderator gives you the “floor”.

c.     Be brief and to the point.

10.           We typically get this Seeding Conf Call done within 70 – 90 minutes, please allow enough time.

11.           Provincials are generally seeded by a committee.  We are the only Provincials that provides an open and transparent method for seeding with a Coach’s Conference Call.  We believe that coaches (especially new coaches) should experience the challenges seeding presents.  And that applies at all levels.  Let’s respect that please. 

Conducting the Seeding 

12.           On the website you will find 2 worksheets in both .xls and .pdf.  Suggest you print several copies and set up with a pencil and a big eraser.

13.           Decisions are reached by consensus.  Moderators decide a deadlock.

14.           We need to accept that many teams are unknown to each other, especially these past several years.  There is interlocking play amongst Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley teams but not a lot of cross over with Okanagan, Island and North teams.

15.           Teams from the same Zone are kept away from each other in opening rounds and in second rounds where possible.

16.           If you beat the Zone Champion 3 times during the season but stumble during the playoffs then you are a lower seed, you didn’t come through when it counted in the playoffs.

17.           Your team will not be seeded until the higher seed from your Zone is seeded.

18.           Understand that the quarter you are in is more important than whether you are 6th or 7th or 10th or 11th seed.

19.           Once agreement has been reached on 1 – 20, adjustments are made based on:

a.     Attempting to split 2 Teams from the same Zone in each half of the draw.

b.     4 team Zones are placed in each quarter and could meet in the 3rd round.

c.     Example: Valley#4 could meet another Valley Team in the 2nd round but not earlier.

20.           Once agreement on any adjustments is completed, then a review of team start times will be considered.  Island teams traditionally have started later so that they can avoid extra hotel costs by traveling on an early ferry.  Respect is paid to the Host school’s time request for their first game only in order to play at a time when student body participation can be maximized.  No other request for a later start time will be considered.

21.           Please be aware that any adjusted start time for one team involves changing the start time for the 4 teams in your quarter as well as rest time for later games.

22.           No team can gain any advantage by a greater rest time.  Your opponent will have had the same rest time as you will have had.  We attempt to maintain a minimum of 3 hours between games times for player (and coach) rest.

23.           Please note that where possible, we have staggered the game start times by 30 minutes and where possible, have scheduled same side of the draw opponents in the same gym, to allow coaches to have a look at their possible next round opponent.

Tournament Directors
Michael Pettifer – – Rob Slavik – – Steve Pettifer – – Adam Roberts – – Kirk Homenick2