Hosted by Earl Marriot & Elgin Park
Thursday March 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2023
& Saturday March 4 Provincial 3 on 3 Playoffs Hosted by Semiahmoo.
with Wildcard Tourney Feb 24 & 25 Hosted by Abbotsford Senior.

Latest Update – Saturday Feb 25




1. Provincial Championship Status
BC High School Sports organizes provincial championships only at the senior level of play.  All other Provincial Championships in any high school sport are Invitational Provincial Championships.  To receive an invitation to the BC Grade 9 Boys Championships, you must have won or placed in your Zone Championships as determined by your local basketball governing body.

 2. Zone and Berth Allocations

Each Zone in BC playing Grade 9 basketball receives a minimum of one berth.  Additional berths are based on a ratio of 1 berth per 7 to 9 teams playing in that Zone.  An additional berth may be considered at 10 or more teams or a demonstrable history of strong teams.  Initial berthing is carried over from the previous season and adjusted prior to the start of all Zones playoffs, by the end of January.  Half berths may be assigned based on Zone strength or size for playin for a Wildcard berth.  Zones that are too far to travel for the Wildcard Tourney may receive berth consideration.

 3. Team Eligibility and Invitations
Your team must have won or placed in your Zone Championships as determined by your local basketball governing body.  If one berth is allocated to your Zone and the #1 team does not accept the invitation and the #2 team does not accept the invitation then #3 may be invited, but only if their team record justifies this.  If not, the Zone berth is reallocated.  In no case do the Tournament Directors invite a team finishing less than 3rd from a one berth designated Zone.  In the event of a Zone playoff scheduling conflict, the Director will resolve the berth allocation with the Zone Representatives and the Teams involved.

 4. Player Eligibility and Registration
Grade 9 (Juvenile) players only as defined by BC High School Sports.

Under player eligibility changes, a player may play at or above their age level during the season for an unrestricted number of play days.  A player cannot move down in age levels once they have participated in playoffs at a higher level.  As an example, the BC Junior Provincials are held one week prior to the BC Gr9 Provincials.  A Grade 9 player participating in the BC Junior Provincials is ineligible to participate in the BC Gr9 Provincials.

Grade 8 players can move up for playoffs.  Follow the BCHSS prescribed format.

Please email your Team’s BC High School Sports Registration Form no later than 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo
Please contact Michael Pettifer or Rob Slavik for any clarification of the above.


5. Uniforms

  • Teams must bring 2 uniforms, a light and a dark set.  (Keep them tucked in.)
  • If undershirts are worn, they must be matching with the entire team (new bball rule).
  • The team first or on the top of the draw is always home.
  • Look for the appropriate Dressing Room and Team Bench.  They are marked.

6. Defenses
All defenses are allowed.

7. Timing
Warm-up – 15 minutes with a minimum of 10 minutes.
Half time – 10 minutes of warm up time.
Overtime – 3 minutes per period.

8. Officials
Referees are all BCBOA officials and minor officials are from the Earl Marriot and Elgin Park leadership programs and basketball teams.
Game Directors are senior members of the BC Basketball Community.

 9. Bench Provisions
Bagged ice is located at the Game Director’s table for trainer and coach use.
Iced drinking water is provided at the end of each bench.
– Please bring your own individual drinking containers.


10. Awards

  • Championship perpetual trophy and keeper plus Championship Banner
  • Sportsmanship perpetual trophy and keeper
  • MVP perpetual trophy and keeper
  • GPA perpetual trophy and keeper
  • Winning Coaching Award
  • School Spirit Award
  • 3 Point Shooting, 2Ball & Slam Dunk trophy (perpetual & keeper) with medallions for 2, 3, 4
  • Trophies (with team pictures) for all schools – 1 through 20
  • Medallions for players and coaches of teams finishing 1st through 4th
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Team All-Star trophies with Provincial All- Star shirts
  • 20 Honorable Mention All-Star Medallions and Provincial All- Star shirts
  • Player of The Game (POG) Selection and a POG T-shirt for all games except the Final 4 games where 2 Players of the Game are selected.

    NOTE: This year the Vancouver Bandits of the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) have added an additional award for each Head Coach to make a selection for Team Leadership.

11. Sportsmanship Award
The Game Director and both Referees at the end of the Game, assign a number (0 to 5) for sportsmanship and conduct, for a total out of 15.  The highest cumulative number after 4 games wins the award.  60 is the highest possible score.  (Note: Scoring 60 has happened several times in Tournament history including 2 Teams that won the Championship and the Sportsmanship Award).

12. GPA Award (optional participation)
Each team is invited to provide a cumulative GPA number for each player.  Players are not to be individually named on the Form.  The highest average receives the award.  Please send your Players GPA form (completed and emailed by a school administrator) by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo

13. All-Star and Player of the Game Selection

  • Tournament Committee, Head Coaches and Game Directors vote for All-Star and Player of the Game selections at the end of each game.  Please ensure the Head Coach gives their input to the Game Director before leaving at the end of each game.  We have no set formula that, as an example, the 1st place team receives so many 1st or 2nd or 3rd All-star teams awards.  The Game Directors and Awards Committee, all active or former coaches and players, make selections selecting the best players in these Championships.  The MVP is selected from the Top 5 players, that is the 1st All-Star team.

    Guidelines for All-Star and Honourable Mention Selection (not in particular order)

  • Recognition is based on the individual’s play during these Championships ONLY
  • POG – Player of the Game votes by the Head Coaches and Game Director
  • Attitude and Sportsmanship
  • Offensive and Defensive skills and stats
  • Lower stats that are the result of less minutes played in a possible lopsided game are noted.
  • Higher stats gained by playing on the Consolation side of the draw (possibly weaker opposition) are noted.  The player is given credit for his results, but consideration is granted a player who has played a tougher schedule.
  • Intangibles – these don’t necessarily show up on the stat sheet, like; effort, hustle, help defense, unselfish play, and helping teammates be better.
  • Tie breaker Consideration:  If all other factors are relatively equal or close, then the player with the toughest schedule gets the nod for higher All-Star selection.  That is usually the player from the team who has placed higher in the tournament results but not always.  This gives everyone a fair chance to be picked as an All-Star, yet in the case of closely rated players, the strength of the schedule becomes the tiebreaker.



14. For Players of the 20 Teams in The Provincials: Dunk, 3 Point, 2Ball – Sign up at the event – Friday, 2:30 at EMS

Full Uniforms must be worn by all participants on the floor. 

Three Point – One minute precision shooting event

  • 2 teams of 4 contestants per school, 1 shooter and 3 rebounders.  The rebounders may assist both shooters.
  • Shooters and rebounders must wear game uniforms and the shooter must be wearing a top that is the opposite colour of his rebounders. 
  • 3 shots from 5 locations; baseline, right side 45 angle, top of the key, left side 45 angle, and baseline.
  • 1 point for the 1st & 2nd shot and 2 points for 3rd shot, total of 4 possible points from each location.  Perfect score is 20 points.
  • Final 4 shooters will compete in the Medal Round Sunday 2:00 pm and report in at 1:15 Sunday.

 Dunk – Judged on scoring, height and creativity.

  • 2 Dunkers per school.  9.3’ to 9.6’ hoops with a Size 6 ball.
  • Height will be adjusted then finalized by the judges after observing the dunkers’ initial warmups.
  • Elimination Round followed by Semi-Finals or Finals based on the number of dunkers.
  • General format: There will be a warm-up followed by the Elimination Round, with 1 Practice shot (optional) and 3 Counters.
  • You must score the hoop in order to be credited your judges’ score.
  • Dunkers advance based based on cumulative scores in the rounds.

2Ball – One minute speed shooting event.

  • 2 teams of 2 contestants per school.
  • Get your own rebound or have your partner get yours and alternate.
  • The longer the shot, the higher the points.
  • 1 point in the key, 2 outside and 3 points from outside the 3 arc.
  • Final 4 shooters will compete in the Medal Round Sunday 2:00 pm and report in at 1:15 Sunday.


15. Entry fee
This year the Host School has decided to make the entry fee $550 (plus possible fee for late documents).  The entry fee helps offset the costs of the facility, referees, game and minor officials, trophies, special events and other expenses.  Please make cheques payable to EARL MARRIOT Secondary School, Attn: Russ Heggie, Athletic Director and deliver to Russ prior to your opening game and a receipt will be issued to you.

16. Team Registration & Coach Shirt Orders
This form is due by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo
Also bring a copy of this Team Registration Summary Form which should accompany your cheques for Russ Heggie, EMS Athletic Director.

17. Admissions and Ticket Charge
To put on these Championships, the schools must also charge at the gate.  Only Coaches, Managers and Players do not pay.  In certain circumstances a refund may be in order.  If so, please pay the door charge and find Rob Slavik to request a refund.  Admission is $2 for all School Aged Fans and $5 for Seniors and $10 for Adults.

18. Financials
Team Entry fees, Admission cost, T-shirt and Merch sales, Concession, Advertising and Donations pay for these Championships.  The financial records from the last 25 years are available for viewing at the Championships by an Athletic Director requesting this from the Tournament Director.  All (that’s 100%) proceeds of these Championships go to the Host Schools.



19. Seeding Meeting via Conference Call
Seeding Meeting for ALL Head Coaches and 1 assistant set for SUNDAY afternoon Feb 26, at 3:00 p.m., via Zoom.  Please ensure that you are available and that we have your number and an alternate number.  You will receive an email with instructions and a link by Sunday 1:00 pm.  Please make sure your Zoom is ready to go.  Be prepared with your team record and tourney seeding worksheets (available on our website).



20. Program/Roster and Team Picture and School Logo
Please complete the prescribed form,
a. Team Picture in jpeg format at least 1 mb in file size.
– the picture will be used in both the program and your final trophy.
b. Team Logo in jpeg format at least 1 mb in file size.
c. Team Roster – A template for school name, nickname, colours, coaches and manager’s names, player’s names with number (in ascending order), height, weight, grade, and position is provided on the website Resources page.

All 3 of these Forms must be emailed by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo

 21. Team Record Win-Loss Form

To better assist our Seeding process, please email the results of ALL your games this season on the provided Form with the following information, opponent, score and date of the game by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo

 22. School and Team Consent Form
To ensure that your School is fully informed and that the Head Coach and AD fully understand what is expected to participate in these Provincials.  This must be completed and submitted by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo

 23. Deadline for Documents
Extensions to SATURDAY EVENING 10:00 PM may be given on request by Rob Slavik, BUT the Tournament organizers need to finalize preparation on the weekend for Sunday’s Seeding Conference call and Monday’s program printing, Banquet food orders and T-shirt and Merch Orders.

You will need to prepare this in advance to meet the filing deadline or a late fee will be assessed. 

24. Document Summary – available on the website.

DUE FRIDAY, FEB 24 AT 9:00 am

1.  BC High School Sports Registration – refer to #4
2.  Players GPA (Optional) – refer to #12
3. Team Registration & Coach Shirt Orders – refer to #16
4.  Team Picture in jpeg format – refer to #20a
5.  Team Logo in jpeg format – refer to #20b
6.  Team Roster – refer to #20c
7.  Team Win-Loss Record – refer to #21
8.  School and Team Consent – refer to #22
T Shirt & Tourney Merch Order Form – refer to #28
10.  Banquet Order Form – refer to #29



25. Opening Ceremonies
We ask that all teams be on time for the 1:30 Sunday Opening ceremonies (see schedule).  Please have your players visibly wearing their team warm-up tops or uniform tops.

 26. Final Day and Awards Presentations
We ask that all teams remain for Sunday’s events and awards.
An extraordinary amount of effort goes into putting on these Championships every year.  By attending, you as a School commit to attend the Awards Presentations after the Championship Game on Sunday afternoon.  We start early Sunday to help the teams that are traveling home that night.  If your team has completed playing please ask your players keep on their team warm-up tops or uniform tops visible for awards, pics etc.

Making a Provincial Championship at any sport and any level for many happens only once.  Help make this experience better for your players.  And please do not deprive your players receiving awards the opportunity for peer recognition.

Please contact Michael Pettifer or Rob Slavik prior to completing your Team Registration if you are unable to meet this expectation.

 27. Banners and School Spirit Award

Each school must bring 2 banners.  They will be put up on your arrival.  We have seen some amazing works of art and it is an excellent team building exercise.

 28. T-Shirts & Tourney Merch Gear
This must be completed and submitted by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo

29. Banquet
A Banquet with a Guest Speaker is being held Friday evening.  Parents, fans and friends are invited.  Please complete the Banquet Order Form and submit by 9:00 am, Friday Feb 24, to BCGr9ProvInfo

30. Banquet Door Prizes
Each team that attends must bring at least 2 sports related door prizes.  This will be added to Host school door prizes to be drawn during the banquet.

 31. Tourney Records – (we are working on this).
Records from the past 25 years are included in this year’s program and maybe even on our new website.  All scoresheets from previous years and a full Tourney Record section is being built over the next several months, please check back.

 32. BC Gr9 Alumnus – “At the Next Level”
In recognition of many fine players who were first recognized at the BC Gr9 Provincials, we have created a section to highlight those players that have excelled in basketball.  Please help and send us in any nominations and recommendations.

 33. Website
We make extensive use of our new website.  It is your responsibility as a Coach or Team Sponsor to check daily for updates.
Latest Updates are highlighted at the top of the page.

 34. Media
We are making extensive use of our new website.  We encourage you to help get pics to us so that we can get them into the Media section on our website.  Please send your pics to any of the Tournament Directors and we will get them posted. (Especially from the earlier years – Thank you!)

 35. Bus Transport
We have been fortunate to have a donor step up 5 years in a row to assist teams who could otherwise not attend if some travel financial assistance was not available.  If Bus Transport is provided, be aware that the Buses will not leave Earl Marriot until after the Awards Presentations on Sunday.

 36. Participation
By your team accepting your Invitation to attend the Provincials, you are also making a commitment to participate in the many activities we add to help make this a memorable experience for your players.  We appreciate all the effort you put into your team and its players to have made it to a Provincial Championship.

37. A Personal Note – Leaving Early Sunday and Player Award Recognition
A Personal Note to Coaches and Sponsors; It is hard enough to get to any Provincials of any sport at any level.  These Grade 9 Provincials could possibly be the only one that your player may get to in their playing career.  If you need to leave prior to the Awards Presentation, please discuss with Rob or Michael Saturday and we can review if any of your players may be up for awards and that includes team awards as well.  We believe accomplishments are something to be celebrated and recognition by your peers of that accomplishment is a very good thing and builds wonderful memories.  We have been working to have every award winner and team award winner getting their picture taken (with their uniform tops on) and posted in our media section.  It would be great for all if you and your team leave with their awards.  And again, we appreciate all the effort you put into your team and its players to have made it to a Provincial Championship.


Please note that the BC HIGH SCHOOL GRADE 9 BOYS PROVINCIAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS now in its 26th year, are non-profit, with 100% of all monies (Tourney Fees, Gate, Merchandise, Programs and Advertising etc), are directly received by the Host School for the benefit of their basketball programs.  Contact us to be considered as a Future Host.


We expect that all Coaches, Team Staff, Players and Fans will conduct themselves in a manner that is a credit to their Teammates, their Coaches, their Schools and the Game.  We are certain that you will enjoy yourselves and this great game.  Once again, Congratulations, work hard and have fun.  And Thank You for all you do.

Tournament Directors
Michael Pettifer – – Rob Slavik – – Steve Pettifer – – Adam Roberts – – Kirk Homenick
bcgr9boysbballprovinfo@gmail.co thatS