Independent League Finals

Vancouver College Fighting Irish finished first and returns to the Provincials (looking to make it 3 years in a row to the Final 2). Notre Dame Jugglers and St George’s Saints tied for 2nd in the Independent League and in the tie breaker game last night, Notre Dame defeated St George’s. St George’s may still be invited today to the Wildcard Tourney based on both other teams acceptance and St George’s season record.

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St George’s over Argyle!

St. George’s Saints captured their 2nd Grade 9 Tournament Championship.The Saints took a 13 point 1st quarter lead and held a 10 to 14 margin

Bryne Creek wins the 3×3 Championship

In some intense action, Bryne Creek Bulldogs captured the 3rd Annual Grade 9 Boys 3×3 Tournament and with that win, a first place $1,000 Basketball

3×3 Final Four

Eliminations and seeding were held at Heritage Woods on Saturday.Championships games at 2:30 Sunday at Centennial. The Seeded Final Four are: 1. Brynes Creek Bulldogs

The Dunk Contest

In front of an appreciative crowd, eliminations to the Final Four were held on Saturday. And as 3 of the 4 Finalists would be traveling