Provincial 3 on 3 Rules & Info

1. No entry fee or cost.

2. $500 Scholarship to the winning team. Top 4 teams receive Provincial trophies and Championship t-shirts.

3. ELIGIBILITY – any Grade 9 player who is not in the Grade 9 Provincials. (example- if you just played in the BC Junior Boys Provincials- you are eligible.) You must all be from the same school. You may have up to 2 grade 8’s per team.

4. Round Robin and Elimination Games start at 9:00 Saturday March 5 at Semiahmoo and Earl Marriot gyms and go all day. The top 4 teams from each gym advancing to the Semi – Finals (Final Eight). Round robin play continues to a Final Four. The Final Four return the next day, Sunday March 6 at 12:00 to play for gold in the main gym just prior to the Provincial Final last 2 games.

5. This is a possession fast break timed and refereed game in the half court.

Full court rules but with the modifications of possession after score and foul shots.

1. Fast Break – you score, then as fast as you can get the ball back into play from the baseline to the 3 pt line, then turn and attack again.  No waiting for the defense.  Go hard and fast break before the defense can set up.

2. This is a possession game, you score – you keep.
It is possible that 1 team may never get a chance to go on offense.

3. Winner is first to 17 points or highest score after 10 minutes.

4. The game starts with a jump ball at the foul line, the team getting possession can score immediately.  After that, all action starts at the baseline after a basket is scored and the ball is advanced anywhere over the 3 pt line before attacking.  Do not wait for the defense to set up.
example: a score, ball is taken and inbounded from the baseline to over the 3 pt line, the inbound steps over the baseline onto the court and receive a return pass and can shoot.

5. Fouls
a. Non-shooting – Possession and inbounds under the hoop.
On the 6th foul, bonus shot and ball in play.
b. Fouled while shooting 2 pt shot, 1 pt and 1 foul shot and ball in play.
c. Fouled while shooting 3 pt shot, 2 pt and 1 foul shot and ball in play.

6. Any unsportsmanlike or technical fouls results in 2 shots and possession.
Excessive number of unsportsmanlike or technical fouls will result in game ejection.