MVP – Mikyle Malabuyoc

Congratulations to Mikyle Malabuyoc!

Mikyle Malabuyoc is a team first player who is humble and one of the hardest working players on the Vancouver College team. Mikyle earned MVP honors in every grade 9 tournament Vancouver College played in during the 2019/20 season. He also earned MVP in the Killarney Cougar Junior tournament in January and First Team All Star in the Junior Ravens class at A.R MacNeill where the Fighting Irish lost in the finals. His versatility enabled him to dominate for the Irish during the Provincial Tournament run and throughout the season on both ends of the floor. Mikyle was named captain for the Vancouver College team this year along with 2 of his teammates. Not only is Mikyle an outstanding two-way player, he is a leader at Vancouver College in academics as he has been an honor roll student since Grade 8.