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Thursday February 29 and March 1, 2, & 3, 2024
& Saturday March 2 Annual 3×3 Playoffs Hosted by Semiahmoo.
with Wildcard Tourney Feb 23 & 24 Hosted by Abbotsford Senior.

Latest Update – Saturday Feb  17

Game Director Duties & Responsibilities

Thank you for helping to make this a fair, enjoyable and successful event for the players, coaches and fans.

The Game Director (GD) is the Boss of the game and responsible for its smooth running for the Teams and for the highest Championship level presentation to the players and fans.  These are the Grade 9 Championships and for many of the Players and Coaches this may be the only one they may get to in their high school career.  Let’s make it great!

The GD controls all aspects of the game, from the pre-game, the game and the post-game activities.  The GD duties include Game Report, pre-game Referee and Coaches meeting, supervising minor officials, keeping the floor clear of non-competitors, introductions, ensuring the restocking bench supplies, music during the breaks, and ensuring the cleaning of the bench area and stand cleanup.  Everything about and around the game is the GD’s responsibility.

The GD should arrive near the end of the previous game and assist the earlier GD in wrapping up to allow a smooth transition to the next game.

Once set-up at the GD Table, the GD (with any of your assistants, including the Gym Director) oversees the following;

Coaches and Players – Know the Rules

If you enter these events, you must know the rules.  We always have a lot of participants and a limited amount of time to run through the eliminations.  We will only do a quick rule review, then we start.

  1. If a player enters the eliminations and makes the Final 4, the player is expected to participate in the Final 4 on Sunday.
  2. The player will be given a chance to participate in any of the eliminations even if the player’s team is playing when the specialty event is scheduled and the player’s game is not finished yet. We will fit the player in right after the player’s game ends.
  3. Please let a Tourney Director know in advance, if there are any time conflicts.



  1. Open only to players of teams that have made the Tournament.
  2. Two entries per team.



Only for Players of the 24 Teams in the Tournament: Dunk, 2Ball and 3 Point

Full Uniforms must be worn by all participants on the floor.

Dunk – Judged on scoring, height and creativity.
2 Dunkers per school.  9’3” or 9’9” hoops with a Size 6 ball.
Elimination Round followed by Semi-Finals or Finals based on number of Dunkers.
NOTE: the Finals may be moved to Sunday.
General format: There will be a short warm-up followed by the Elimination Round, with 1 Practice shot (optional) and 3 counters.
You must score the hoop in order to be credited your judge’s score.
Dunkers advance based on cumulative scores in the rounds.


         2Ball – One minute speed shooting events 
          2 teams of 2 contestants per school.
          All the points you and you partner, alternating shots, can score.
          The harder the shot, the higher the points.
           1 point in the paint, 2 points outside and 3 points outside the 3 arc.

         Three point – 2 teams of 4 contestants per school, 1 shooter and 3 rebounders.
         3 shots from 5 locations (baseline, right side 45 angle, top, left side 45 angle, and baseline) with the shooter’s 3 teammates rebounding.
         Shooters and rebounders must wear game uniforms and the shooter must be wearing a top the opposite colour of his rebounders.
          Perfect score is 20 points.
          1 pt for 1st & 2nd shots and 2 pts for 3rd shot from each location.



Tournament Directors
Michael Pettifer – – Caley Donaldson – – Rob Slavik – – Steve Pettifer – – Alan Kaselj – – Andrew Ruditsch