2023 Schedule for Game Directors

Latest Update – Wednesday March 1 – 2330
Game Directors – Rob – Petts2 – Caley – Greg – Erik – Michael – Dave – Kirk (backup)

Open Day 133:30#15  Burnaby Central Wildcats vs  #18 Van Tech TalismenEMSRob
Open Day 145:00#14  Langley Christian Lightning vs  #19 Semiahmoo ThunderbirdsEMSRob
Open Day 116:30#16 KLO Cougars  vs #17 Tamanawis WildcatsEMSRob
Open Day 128:00#13 Handsworth Royals vs  #20 Oak Bay Bays EMSRob
Open Day 2128:30#6 St. Michaels University School Blue Jags  vs  #11 Rutland VoodoosEMSDave
Open Day 2119:00#3 Collingwood Cavaliers  vs  Winner Game 4EPGreg
Open Day 2510:00#1 Vancouver College  vs  Winner Game 1EMSDave
Open Day 2610:30#8 South Delta Sun Devils  vs  #9 Kitsilano Blue DemonsEPGreg
Open Day 2711:30#4  New Westminster Hyacks  vs  Winner Game 2EMSDave
Open Day 2 812:00#5  Yale Lions  vs  #12 Elgin Park OrcasEPGreg
Open Day 2 91:00#2 Grandview Heights Grizzlies  vs  Winner Game 3EMSDave
Open Day 2101:30#7 Killarney Cougars  vs  #10 GWGraham GrizzliesEPCaley
  2:30Dunk Eliminations then Dunk Finals
(32 to 4 semi-finalists to 1st to 4th)
  3:002Ball Eliminations (32 to 4 semi-finalists)EMSRob-Dave
  3:303pt. Eliminations (32 to 4 semi-finalists)EMSRob-Dave
Quarter-Final244:00 Winner Game 11   vs   Winner Game 12EPCaley
Quarter-Final184:30Winner Game 5   vs   Winner Game 6EMSDave
Quarter-Final205:30Winner Game 7   vs   Winner Game 8EPCaley
Quarter-Final226:00Winner Game 9   vs   Winner Game 10EMSDave
  7:30Provincial BanquetEMS
   Dave – Michael – Rob  
SAT MAR 4    
Consolation139:00Loser Game 1   vs   Loser Game 2EMSErik
Consolation149:30Loser Game 3   vs   Loser Game 4EPCaley
Consolation1910:30Loser Game 11   vs   Loser Game 12EMSErik
Consolation1611:00Loser Game 7   vs   Loser Game 8EPCaley
Consolation1712:00Loser Game 9   vs   Loser Game 10EMSErik
Consolation1512:30Loser Game 5   vs   Loser Game 6EPCaley
Consolation211:30Loser Game 13   vs   Loser Game 14EMSErik
Consolation232:00Winner Game 13   vs   Winner Game 14EPCaley
Top 10293:00Loser Game 18   vs   Loser Game 20EMSErik
Top 10303:30Loser Game 22   vs   Loser Game 24EPCaley
Consolation314:30Loser Game 15   vs   Loser Game 16EMSErik
Consolation325:00Loser Game 17   vs   Loser Game 19EPCaley
Consolation256:00Winner Game 15   vs   Winner Game 16EMSErik
Consolation266:30Winner Game 17   vs   Winner Game 19EPCaley
Semi-Final277:30Winner Game 18   vs   Winner Game 20EMSPetts2
Semi-Final289:00Winner Game 22   vs   Winner Game 24EMSPetts2
SUN MAR 5    
Consolation338:30Loser Game 21   v.   Loser Game 23EPCaley
Consolation348:30Winner Game 21   v.   Winner Game 23EMSMichael
15th / 16th359:45Loser Game 31   v.   Loser Game 32EPCaley
13th / 14th369:45Winner Game 31   v.   Winner Game 32EMSMichael
11th / 12th3711:00Loser Game 25   v.   Loser Game 26EPCaley
9th / 10th3811:00Loser Game 29   v.   Loser Game 30EMSMichael
7th / 8th3912:15Winner Game 25   v.   Winner Game 26EPCaley
5th / 6th4012:15Winner Game 29   v.   Winner Game 30EMSMichael
  1:45Opening – O Canada & FN BlessingEMS
  2:00Finals (1st-4th) – 3pt Shoot + 2BallEMSRob-Caley-Michael
3×3 2:15Provincial 3×3 FinalsEMSRob-Caley-Michael
  2:45Awards for departing teamsEMS
  3:003rd place game warmupEMS
3rd / 4th413:15Loser Game 27   v.   Loser Game 28EMSPetts2-Caley-Michael
1st / 2nd424:45Winner Game 27   v.   Winner Game 28EMSPetts2-Caley-Michael