Hosted by Earl Marriot & Elgin Park
Thursday March 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2023
& Saturday March 4 Provincial 3 on 3 Playoffs Hosted by Semiahmoo.
with Wildcard Tourney Feb 24 & 25 Hosted by Abbotsford Senior.

Latest Update – Sunday Feb 20

Game Director Duties & Responsibilities


Thank you for helping to make this a fair, and hopefully enjoyable and successful event for the players, coaches and fans.


The Game Director (GD) is the Boss of the game and responsible for its smooth running for the Teams and for a Provincial Championship level presentation to the fans.  These are the Provincial Championships and for many of the Players and Coaches this may be the only one they qualify for in their high school career.  Let’s make it great!


The GD controls all aspects of the game, from the pre-game, the game and the post-game activities.  The GD duties include coach pre-game communication about responsibilities (before, during and after the game), supervising minor officials, keeping the floor clear of non-competitors, introductions, ensuring the restocking bench supplies, music during the breaks, and ensuring the cleaning of the bench area and stand cleanup.  Everything about and around the game is the GD’s responsibility.


The GD should arrive near the end of the previous game and assist the earlier GD in wrapping up to allow a smooth transition to the next game.


Once set-up at the GD Table, the GD (with any of your assistants, including the Gym Director) oversees the following;


  1. Assist the GD from the previous game with completing any all-star or reporting requirements and Player of the Game (PoG) presentation.


  1. Check that all staff are present.  A list of all positions and staff names is taped on the GD table.  Have an assistant notify the Tourney Director immediately if you are missing anyone.  Minor Officials and Staff MUST wear black Tourney STAFF T-Shirts. Only Tourney Staff allowed at the Scorer’s Table, (no Visitors!).  And try to keep control of texting while the clock is running.  Keep it professional.  Please collect the Staff T-Shirts at the end of each game.  The Host school will have to replace any shirts that are lost.


  1. Music must be played prior to and at half time of each game (as well as time-outs).  We have CD’s of sports/stadium music.  Please keep them with you and give them to the incoming GD.  Be aware that students may offer you their music, no problem BUT be aware of music with inappropriate language.


  1. Ensure the Score sheet is clearly printed with full names (first and last) and numbers in numeric order.  We are attempting to have all of this provided for the scorers in advance.  Please note the scoresheet will be added to the website in the Game Results section.
    1. Have Head Coach and Assistant sign the Scorer’s sheet.


  1. Have your assistants make sure that;
    1. The team benches are clean and straightened up.
    2. Music is on.
    3. The ice chest with bagged ice for injuries are topped off.
    4. Stands should be kept clean and any banners on the walls re-taped if necessary (or let one of the Tourney Directors know).


  1. Hold a meeting with all Coaches, including their Assistants and Referees 10 minutes prior to game time in front of the scorer’s table to introduce each other and ask for any questions.  This must be done for each game.  By the second or third game, all should know what to do so the meeting is short, but this pre-game does give the Coaches and Referees the chance to ask any questions or make any comments.  Do not start pre-game meeting until all Coaches, Assistants and Referees are present.


    1. Remind Coaches about conduct and language for all of their team, players as well as staff and fans.  There is zero tolerance and only 1 warning shall be given.  Please notify Tournament Director Michael Pettifer and Rob Slavik immediately of a warning being given.  A second incident will result in ejection from the Championships.


    1. FAN CONDUCT – There has been a disturbing amount of problems reported.  It is important to remind the Coaches that their Team will also be held responsible for the conduct and language of their fans.  There is zero tolerance and only 1 warning shall be given.  Please notify Tournament Director Michael Pettifer or Rob Slavik immediately of a fan warning being given.  A second incident will result in ejection from the Championships.  Emphasize that playing and watching the games is a privilege not a right.


    1. Show Referees and Coaches the Game Report form that is to be completed at the end of the game.  Remind the Coaches and Referees that they must provide this info prior to leaving for the dressing room.


    1. Inform the Coaches that the Player of the Game (PoG) presentation will occur 1 minute after the handshakes at center circle.  Both teams will remain lined up at their bench facing the center circle until the presentation is made.  Respect for the opposition is expected.


    1. While handshakes are occurring, the Refs provide their sportsmanship numbers.  Remember the Referees want to leave quickly, sometimes you can catch the sportsmanship numbers in the final seconds from the Referees before they leave the floor.


    1. Before or immediately after the handshakes, ensure you get the Head Coaches with their final all-star input.  If the outcome of the game is clear then in the final minutes, it may be possible to approach the Coach at his bench to get their input even before the final buzzer.


    1. Remind the Coaches to see that their bench area is cleaned, water spills are cleaned, trash is collected and all the chairs are straightened up prior to his team leaving.  Incoming Coaches must keep their players away from the benches until the benches are cleaned.


    1. Inform the Coaches if their players will be announced.  This will occur Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and subject to game schedule may occur in other games.  We do try to announce a team at least once during the Championships.  Starters will be announced in the Semi-Finals and 3th and 4th place game Sunday afternoon.  For the Championship Final, the entire team will be announced, with starters last.


    1. Please shake hands with all Coaches and wish them luck.


  1. Try for the game to start on time BUT always allow adequate warm-up time.


  1. Please keep the floor clear.  No fans or other players are allowed on the floor during any stoppage in play, timeouts, half-time or in between games.  If the floor is dirtied it will have to be swept again delaying the re-start of the game.


9.     The floor is to be swept at half-time of each game.


10.  The GD oversees minor officials (all staff MUST wear a black Tournament Staff T-Shirt when on duty).


11.  The Game Director will receive a Tourney Director golf shirt to wear for the games that they are directing.  Please return the shirt to Rob Slavik once your games are done.


12.  Report any problem to the Tourney Director immediately.

         TEXT to 604.542.0401 for Rob or 778. 322. 6563 for Michael.


13.  At the end of the game;

a.     Meet both Referees as they sign the score sheet or are about to exit the gym for sportsmanship numbers for the Game Report form.  Each Referee and the GD are to assign a rating for sportsmanship to each team out of 5 (0 – poor, 5 – excellent).  Total the sportsmanship on the Game Report form out of 15.  Be quick, the Refs want to leave the floor quickly.


b.     Catch the Head Coaches for their all-star recognition on the Game Report form.  Each coach selects two players from each team for all-star voting.  The GD also selects one player from each team for all-star voting.  Please record the each of these players’ number, first and last name.  If the game is clearly decided, you may have an opportunity to approach the Head Coach at his bench to get his selections before the game ends.  If you do this, do it carefully.


c.     1 minute after the handshakes, present the POG T-shirt to the PoG in front of the scorer’s bench so that fans and players can view this, allow any camera time.  Face the stands.


d.     Start music.


e.     Keep the floors clear of fans and have the floor swept immediately.


f.      Direct your assistants for a top off of ice and final cleanup.


g.     Assist the incoming GD.


h.     Give the Game Director report and the Top (white) copy of the Scorer’s sheet to the Tourney Director.


Thank you for taking on this responsibility.  You make the game look professional.  Your attention to detail makes this a strong and well-respected Championship, which makes this whole experience very special for the players and their supporters.

Tournament Directors
Michael Pettifer – – Rob Slavik – – Steve Pettifer – – Adam Roberts – – Kirk Homenick