Hosted by Earl Marriot & Elgin Park
Thursday March 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2023
& Saturday March 4 Provincial 3 on 3 Playoffs Hosted by Semiahmoo.
with Wildcard Tourney Feb 24 & 25 Hosted by Abbotsford Senior.

Latest Update – Sunday Feb 19

Coaches Responsibilities


You’ve made it!  Without all of your hard work and sacrifice, your Team would not be here.


This is the Provincial Championship!  We strive to make this the best possible experience for your players and their parents.  For many, these Provincials will be the first and the only Provincials that your players make, so we do all we can to make this as memorable as possible.  We all know how hard it is to get to the top level in any sport at any age level.  Please participate in all the extra activities and give your players that get recognized at the Awards Presentations a chance for peer recognition.  This year we will be making Team Awards right after the games BUT individual awards will be presented after the Championship Final.


While your Game Director is the boss of the Game and responsible for its presentation to the Teams and the fans, you are responsible for your Game and all aspects of the conduct of your players, assistants, managers and fans while at the Provincials, both on and off the court.


Absolutely no inappropriate language or conduct will be tolerated.  In the case of any inappropriate behaviour, as deemed by the Tournament Chairman, one warning will be given; an additional warning will result in a Tourney expulsion with an immediate call and report to your school’s administration.


These are your Responsibilities;

  1. Read the website every day.  Please pay close attention to the News, 2023 page and Resources pages.  New material is being added constantly.  You are responsible for checking for updates.  If you are unclear about anything, please email us immediately.
  2. Respect all deadlines for required information.  Our online forms (in red) make it easier to submit the required information.
  3. Team Photos should be of a good quality with a high resolution.  Please take the photo in a very well-lit environment with a bright setting on your camera.
  4. Start with the documents on the Resources page.  It is your main information source and all other forms and documents support this.
  5. The Seeding Conference call will establish seeding and first game times.  We have created Seeding Guidelines as well as Seeding Worksheets (Items B12, 13, 14 & 15) to help you during the Seeding Conference call.
  6. A letter for Parents and Fans will be sent to you after the Seeding Meeting for distribution prior to the start of the Championships. 
  1. Upon your arrival, present your 2 school banners, door prizes and cheques to Adam Roberts at Earl Marriot.
  2. Look for your dressing room and confirm uniform colour.
  3. Pre-Game Duties
    1. Keep your team off the floor until all post game ceremonies are completed.
    2. Keep your team off the bench until the other team has cleared all of its belongings from their bench.
    3. The Game Director will review all game responsibilities in a pre-game meeting in front of the scorer’s bench with all Coaches including Assistant Coaches and the Referees 10 minutes prior to game time.  This happens at each of your games.
    4. You will be told if the teams or starters will be announced at the start of your game.  Player line-ups will be announced Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and subject to game schedules may occur prior to other games.  We try to get all teams announced at least once during the Championships.
    5. Ensure that all information on the Score Sheet is accurate.  The names are copied from the program roster several hours prior to game time.
    6. You (and your assistants) will be reminded about the Provincial Level Standards of Conduct (including language directed both on court and at your bench).
    7. You will be reminded about your post-game responsibilities including the Game Director’s Report form that is to be completed at the end of the game and the Player of the Game presentation, which will occur 1 minute after the handshakes.  Your team will remain lined up at their bench until the Player of the Game presentation is made.  Please show respect to your opposition.
    8. Remind your Assistants, Managers and Players of our absolute zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship and bad language.  As a Coach, you and your team will be held responsible for the conduct of your fans.
    9. FAN CONDUCT – There has been a disturbing number of problems reported.  Coach, it is important to remind you that your Team will be held responsible for the conduct and language of your fans.  There is zero tolerance and only 1 warning shall be given.  A second incident will result in ejection from the Championships.  We emphasize that participating or watching the Games is a privilege not a right.
    10. Please inspect your Dressing Room upon your arrival and then again on your departure.  Please ensure you do this, as any damages found will be charged to last team in the change room unless damage was previously reported.

10. Game

a.     Remind players of conduct, only 1 warning will be given.

b.     Players should have shirts tucked in when entering and during the game.

11. Bench Supplies

a.     Ice water in water coolers is provided at the end of each bench.  Please have your players bring their own water bottles that can be filled from the coolers.  They are topped up after each game.

b.     Ice chests are provided at the official’s table with bagged ice for any cooling required.

c.     A large trashcan is provided at the end of your bench.

d.     Bring extra towels for water spillage.

e.     Bring your own basketballs for warmups, make sure they are marked. 

12. Post-Game

a.     Prior to the handshakes, see the Game Director at the Scorer’s table for all-star recognition on the Game Report form.  Each Coach selects two players from each team for all-star voting.  That selection is based on the game that was just played.

b.     After the handshakes, have your team line up at their bench until the Player of the Game presentation is completed, which will occur immediately after the handshakes at center court.

c.     Quickly please ensure your team bench is clean, water spills cleaned, trash collected, and team chairs straightened up for the next team, (did we say quickly? as the incoming teams will be waiting for you).

13.           Specialty Events

a.     If your player enters these events, he is expected to know the rules.  They can be found on the website.  We have a short amount of time to run through the eliminations and we will only answer clarifications not run through the rules.  Coach, please take the time with those players of yours that go in these events.

b.     If your player enters the eliminations, and makes the final 4, he is expected to participate in the final round.

c.     The player will be given a chance to participate in any of the eliminations even his team is playing when the specialty event is scheduled, and his game is not finished yet.  We will fit him in right after his game ends.

d.     Please let a Tourney Director know in advance, if there are any time conflicts.

14.           Attendance

Please respect Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Presentations as well as entries into the Specialty events.  If you make the Provincials, please participate at all levels; it will be a better experience for your players.  Your attendance is expected at the Awards Presentation.

If that is a problem for your team, please contact Michael Pettifer or Rob Slavik prior to completing your Team Registration if you wish to discuss this.


Please note that the BC HIGH SCHOOL GRADE 9 BOYS INVITATIONAL PROVINCIAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS now in its 26th year, are non-profit, with 100% of all monies (Tourney Fees, Gate, Merchandise, Programs and Advertising etc), are directly received by the Host School for the benefit of their basketball programs.  Contact us to be considered as a Future Host.


We expect that all coaches, team staff, players and fans will conduct themselves in a manner that is a credit to their Teammates, their Coaches, their School and the Game.  We are certain that you will enjoy yourselves and this great game.   Once again, Congratulations, work hard and have fun.  And Thank You for all you do.


Tournament Directors
Michael Pettifer – – Rob Slavik – – Steve Pettifer – – Adam Roberts – – Kirk Homenick