2008 – Director’s Message

Welcome to the 12th BC Grade 9 Boys Basketball Championships!

Congratulations players, managers and coaches; you’ve made it to the Provincials. Your success as a team has come through your hard work and dedication.  You are the best from your regions and are already Champions!

And welcome to our new competitors in the first ever open Provincial 1 on 1 and 3 on 3 Championships.

We are very pleased to be hosted by the Mennonite Educational Institute with their great facilities and look forward to a strong series of games.

Congratulations again to everyone, especially to the teacher, parent, and community coaches.  Without you, our players and teams would not be here.

Also, a very special thank you to Coach Lorne Wuori of the Trafalgar Totems who is retiring after 33 years of coaching basketball.  Wuori’s teams have successfully defended the Kootenay title for the past 12 years to make the Provincials 12 years in a row including winning the BC title in 2000 with an amazing undefeated season.  We want to recognize all you have done for your players and basketball at all levels in both the schools and community and the help and support you have given me and the Grade 9 Boys Provincial Championships.  Thank you Lorne.

Rob Slavik
Tournament Director and Founder