2005 – Director’s Message

Directors Message

Welcome to the BC Grade 9 Boys Basketball Championships!

Congratulations to each and every coach and team for making it to the BC Championships. This is the end of a journey that you have all worked extremely hard to reach. You are the best from your regions and are already Champions!

Players: focus on your game, think of your team, and enjoy what we hope will be a very rewarding experience.

Congratulations again to everyone, especially to the teacher, parent, and community coaches. Without you, our players and teams would not be here. Sportsmanship, hard work, and dedication have made this happen!

A special thank you to the community of Centennial Secondary for your incredible support, especially Alan, Petts, and Rob, this couldn’t have happened without you.

Lastly, to everybody let’s keep all of this in perspective, Family, School, then Basketball.

The 10th, that’s almost hard to believe. This Championship has promoted the growth of basketball at the junior levels throughout the province. We have gone from just under a hundred grade 9 teams in 1997 to about one hundred and fifty this year. That has helped create a broader base for development of this great sport. With this year, 160 teams and over 2,200 players and coaches have participated in the BC Grade 9 Boys Championships. An experience we hope that will be remembered fondly.

Several years after the start of the Boys Grade 9 Championships (Juvenile as they were known then), the Grade 9 Girls had their Provincial Tourney established, followed by a Provincial Tourney for Grade 8 Boys and the Grade 8 Girls, now all levels of high school ball in BC are covered. Why championships at these levels? Because of the aspiration of many to achieve excellence at whatever they do. Let’s help our student/athletes achieve that. What is learned here will help prepare them for the world after high school.

To celebrate the 10th, we have added Championship Gym Banners to our awards as well as our new website www.bcgr9boysbastketball.com. This Saturday, Coaches and Players from our first 9 years will join us to receive their Banner for their school gym. It is going to be a great reunion. Many fine players achieved their first recognition at our Championships. Take some time and go back through the history at our website and look at some of the names of our all-stars.

Our Tourney struggled for the first 4 years and only with the help of the Deacon Family at Action Athletics, Mike Cleaver at Landmark Awards, Rick Groome, Harvey Lawson, Jerry Mullis at WABO (Western Association of Basketball Officials), Don Carr Chevrolet (White Rock), Larry Lineker (TOS Insurance Services) and Lawrie Johns at the Grizzle Center and Ross Tomlinson at Bastketball BC did we make it through. Please support them as they supported us.

All of these great basketball people have contributed to this Provincial Tourney, and it would not have developed the way it has without their fine efforts: Bill Jeffers, Jim Lamond, Terry Lecision, Earle Beugelink, Lou Blair, Paul Proznick, Steve Pettifer, Ross Tomlinson, Rob Solero, and Alan Kaselj.

You give so unselfishly to this great game. A very special thank you! Rob Slavik Tournament Founder and Director