Thank you Burnaby South, Robbie and RAC!

Very Well Done! Thank you Burnaby South! All you Rebels including; Victoria Lee, Principal, PE & Health Department Head, Josh Ogilvie, the Athletic Leadership Team – the Rebels Athletic Crew (the RAC), Rebel team parents and the man on the ground every hour of the Tourney, Robbie Puni, Athletic Director. And the Announcers and the “make it happen men”, Jason Price, and Dominic and Damien Calderon.

And a great banquet and speaker Angus Reid (

And for the smooth running of the games and player recognition, thank you to Tournament and Game Directors, Steve Pettifer, Michael Pettifer, Greg Matic, Ted Cusick and first-timer Caley Donaldson.

And please send us your pics and short vid clips (5 sec or less) so we can get the best of them into our media section.