Alumni launch petition to name Pitt Meadows high school gym after recently deceased coach

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Rich Goulet, who died March 28, devoted 50 years of his life to basketball, nearly 40 of them with the Marauders.

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People have signed a petition to have the gym at Pitt Meadows Secondary School named after late basketball coach, Doug and Colin Plumb speak with Michelle Eliot about honouring longtime head coach Rich Goulet.

Rename the Pitt Meadows Secondary School Gym for Coach Goulet


Rich Goulet devoted 50 years of his life to basketball in British Columbia. He spent nearly 40 of those years at Pitt Meadows Secondary School. There, Coach Goulet built one of the most admired and successful high school basketball programs in the country. 

Through the years, Coach Goulet left an indelible mark on the lives of thousands of young athletes and hundreds of coaches. The heartfelt outpouring of admiration, love, and respect for Coach following his passing on Sunday, March 28th, 2021 are a testament to his positive, lasting influence on so many. 

When you played for him, his desire was clear: individually as players and together as a team, he pushed you to achieve your full potential. But to measure Coach only by his success on the court would miss the point. Yes, it’s true that if you were fortunate enough to play for him, you probably left his program the best basketball player you could be. In fact, in many cases, you probably left even better than you ought to have been. But more importantly, you definitely left his program as part of a community, with a work ethic and sense of dedication that prepared you for the rest of your life. That is the true measure of Coach. His impact on our lives extends far beyond the gym, and long after our final playing days. 

This petition calls for the gym at PMSS to be renamed for Coach Goulet. We’d probably ask for more, he easily earned it, but he wouldn’t have wanted a grander gesture; he was too humble for that. 

So, as his former players, fellow coaches and dear friends, we ask that you consider our petition to rename the gym in honour of the greatest coach to ever pace its sidelines, preserving the legacy of excellence, selflessness and dedication synonymous with the name Goulet.

Thank you for all you did Rich and Felix, and through that, your Memories will live on.

In a very short time we lost two very dear friends of the BC Basketball Community, Rich and Felix.

I have reprinted a tribute and GoFundme from Felix’s friends and family.

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Rest in Peace Rich Goulet

Rest in Peace Rich GouletIt was April of 2000 that I first had the opportunity to learn and work with Coach Goulet. My life has not been the same since. He has had a immeasurable impact on my life and my career as a basketball coach. Every idea and thought I have had I would measure next to what Rich would say or do. Rich you will forever be missed. Our hearts are saddened! Rest In His Peace. #MadeWithRip

We Just Lost a Legend

Thank you Coach Goulet for helping and encouraging me to start the BC Gr9 Boys Championships 25 years ago. I treasure so many memories coaching against you, learning from you, teaching my teams and players at many Pitt summer camps and Basketball BC teams. Everything you have done for so many in our basketball and sports community, you touched so many lives in so many positive ways. Rest in Peace Coach, you will be missed and your memory will live on.

In Honour of Coach “Toto” Felix Gonzalez

We are truly saddened by the sudden loss of our dear basketball coach, referee and mentor on February 22, 2021. His strong will, passion, dedication and commitment to our sport, our kids and our community will be sorely missed.

He helped so many young aspiring basketballers and referees and gave generously of his time and talents both on and off the basketball court.

He now leaves behind a heartbroken family who’ve lost their beloved husband, father, son, brother and friend.

Please visit the GoFundMe page set up to help his family HERE

Thank you Burnaby South, Robbie and RAC!

Very Well Done! Thank you Burnaby South! All you Rebels including; Victoria Lee, Principal, PE & Health Department Head, Josh Ogilvie, the Athletic Leadership Team – the Rebels Athletic Crew (the RAC), Rebel team parents and the man on the ground every hour of the Tourney, Robbie Puni, Athletic Director. And the Announcers and the “make it happen men”, Jason Price, and Dominic and Damien Calderon.

And a great banquet and speaker Angus Reid (

And for the smooth running of the games and player recognition, thank you to Tournament and Game Directors, Steve Pettifer, Michael Pettifer, Greg Matic, Ted Cusick and first-timer Caley Donaldson.

And please send us your pics and short vid clips (5 sec or less) so we can get the best of them into our media section.

MVP – Mikyle Malabuyoc

Congratulations to Mikyle Malabuyoc!

Mikyle Malabuyoc is a team first player who is humble and one of the hardest working players on the Vancouver College team. Mikyle earned MVP honors in every grade 9 tournament Vancouver College played in during the 2019/20 season. He also earned MVP in the Killarney Cougar Junior tournament in January and First Team All Star in the Junior Ravens class at A.R MacNeill where the Fighting Irish lost in the finals. His versatility enabled him to dominate for the Irish during the Provincial Tournament run and throughout the season on both ends of the floor. Mikyle was named captain for the Vancouver College team this year along with 2 of his teammates. Not only is Mikyle an outstanding two-way player, he is a leader at Vancouver College in academics as he has been an honor roll student since Grade 8.